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Home Storage Tips
Storage Tips: Self Storage, Mobile Storage & Storage Facilities

There are countless reasons why people need storage, as it is very common for people who are moving, remodeling, or simply have too many things in their home to deal with to seek out this service. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you will want to make sure that you follow a few storage tips that will make your entire experience much easier than you ever could have imagined. This does not have to be difficult if you know what you are doing, but you will want to take the necessary steps to ensure that all of your belongings are kept safe until you are able to pick them up.

The first thing that you will want to remember is that it is wise to use similar sizes boxes for your belongings because this will make it easier for you to stack them. Also, make sure that all of the heavier items are placed on the bottom, as this will not only prevent damage to your belongings, but also personal injury. A key that many people forget is to leave a little bit of room between the wall and your boxes, as this will allow for airflow to get into your storage unit. If you do not allow this airflow and pack things too tightly, you will end up with an unpleasant storage space by the time you are finished. It is also important to keep your boxes off the ground with a blanket or pallets. This will keep everything in better shape and can prevent ground moisture from ruining your belongings.

Before you begin placing your items in the storage space, you will want to properly organize the unit by coming up with a plan. If you simply throw everything into the room in any order, you will end up completely disorganized and will not have enough room. This will lead to you having to completely unpack the unit and start again, so it is always best to come up with a plan beforehand. Simply things like storing your couches on end and stacking chairs can save you a great deal of room, which is vital when trying to fit all of these items into a storage unit. Leaving a walkway down the center of the unit is also very smart, since this will allow you to access anything that you might need, without having to take everything out of the unit to do so.

Another small thing that some people do is they purchase shelves and place them inside the storage unit. This is a great idea because it allows for things to be stacked in an organized fashion. Label all of the boxes as well, just in case you end up needing something that you have in storage. It is also wise to store any items that you believe that you will eventually need near the front of the unit, as this will save you a great deal of time in the long run. Most people are in such a hurry to get everything into the unit that they ignore these small details and they end up regretting them in the end.

Any large items that can be taken apart, should be, as this will save you a lot of space. It also prevents these items from being broken should something fall into them. Make sure that you keep all of the parts close together, but taking these items apart will give you more flexibility and will allow you to store things in easier locations. Also make sure that you clean any appliances that you are storing because leftover food that is found in a fridge can completely ruin the fridge and cause quite the stink throughout the entire storage facility. If you are storing any tools, make sure that you rub a little bit of oil on them to prevent rust, but keep these tools away from other items. As long as they are in a box, they should be separate enough to prevent this damage.

Mirrors and any fragile items should be wrapped up and anything that could potentially scratch should have a blanket placed on it. The worst feeling in the world is seeing that an antique dresser has been scratched because you did not take the time to throw a blanket over top of it. This is an easy problem to take care of, however, so simply take the few extra minutes and protect your furniture.

Make sure that you do not store any food within the storage unit, as this can easily attract animals like rodents. Also, any paint or gasoline should not be kept here because many of these items are flammable. Since no one will be around to keep an eye on this unit, you do not want to store anything that could potentially start a fire.

Although this might seem like common sense, it is vital that you do not give anyone access to your storage unit except for people that you trust. Even if you have someone who wants to purchase some of the items that you have in storage, protect all of your access codes in order to protect your belongings. You never know what people will want to steal, so this is a vital part of protecting everything that you keep in storage. As long as you follow these tips, you should not have any trouble using your storage unit to its full potential.

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